Training Philosophy

At Red X CrossFit, everybody trains together and nobody gets left behind.

Every workout will cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each member will choose the version of the workout they want to complete.

A (Alpha): Your traditional prescribed or Rx workout

B (Bravo): Scaled version

C (Competitive Charlie): Hulk-like WODs for those who want to go above and beyond, having shown perfect movement standards during the Alpha WOD.

Every workout will challenge the athlete and different energy systems.

Variety is the name of the game! You can expect to be pushed beyond your comfort zone with the use of tyres, sleds, battle ropes, climbing ropes, rings, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyometrics and many more. Routine is the enemy!

If you feel you would like to do additional work, this can be discussed with the coach.

In all your workouts, remember the goal:

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