Summer Body Challenge

This 6-Week Challenge helps you kick-start your Fitness and Weight Loss journey and challenges you to create habits for a healthier lifestyle.

The Challenge is open to members and non-members of Red X CrossFit and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Each Challenge includes the following:

  • Pre-challenge nutritional assessment, lifestyle assessment and goal setting
  • Before and After InBody Scan (provides detailed Body Composition Analysis, including Body fat percentage and lean muscle mass percentage)
  • Eating plan
  • Customised training plan (4x per week at Red X CrossFit)
  • Private Facebook group for support, including activities, tips and lifestyle challenges
  • Post-challenge debrief with free nutritional guide to help maintain your weight loss

If you are tired of not getting results, or don’t understand why you are not losing weight, then contact us for more information.

Next Challenge starts: 11 January 2020

Registrations close: 9 January 2020

Email: summerchallenge@redxcrossfit for more information.